Weekend course arranging flowers for beginners

In this weekend course, we’ll learn you what you’ll need to have for floristic tools, we will talk about caring for cut flowers, where draw information and floristic ideas and scheduled queries. In practice, you will also take custody of dried flowers, wedding and funeral floristry and in particular the actual custody and arranging flowers.

Throughout the course are available to domestic and international floral magazines and books, soft drinks, necessary tools and of course fresh flowers . Under the supervision of an experienced florist you’ll produce: floral arrangement, two bouquets, bridal bouquet, corsage, small funerary wreath and the arrangement of dry flowers. Suitable for those who want to work profesionally in floristry. We look forward to!

All courses are held in Czech language. If you wish to participate, we can provide you a colleaque, who will translate for you.  In this case fee is 150,- CZK/hour + price of workshop. We can provide a floristic course directly in English or French, if there is more than 3 participants. Contact us for more info:-)

Price: 11 000 CZK incl. VAT

Dates of the Workshop